Psalms 9:17, clearly states that the Nation that forgets God will be turned into Hell. The grieving thing about the result of the Referendum was that it was the conclusive proof that such is the case with Ireland. Even though there was a considerable No vote, the Yes, people far out surpassed the No. As a Bible Believer, one would have to conclude that Ireland is heading for JUDGMENT. People were beguiled  into thinking that this was going to give them freedom, but freedom from God equals bondage and slavery. Satan, the GREAT Deceiver that deceiveth the whole world is LAUGHING at the stupidity that sin (going there own way) brings upon a people (Rev 12;9) When mankind goes his own way, Judgement of God is the only end result. The Great sin of PRIDE is characteristic of the homosexual sin, and God will always resist the proud and always give GRACE to the humble (1 Pet 5:6)

The Sin of Sodomy that will now be flaunted in you face. There will be the darkening of the understanding to a generation of young people that have no idea of a God that is Longsuffering to a LOST world. To think that God’s MERCY is New each day (Lam 3:22,23), But, on the other hand, God’s ¬†mercy has a limit that says that you do NOT mock God and get a way with it (Gal 5:6,7) and to think that each passing day that God is angry with the wicked of this world (Psa 7:11)… May God help us as a NATION that FORGETS God.