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by Kevin O'Keeffe

  REPENTANCE I was asked in recent times about the subject of Repentance and wanted to take this opportunity to clarify my position. As a Pastor, I try to follow the Bible as best and as a honestly as I can. Scripture is the only source of Authority that is followed. The word Repentance has […]

Father’s Day, June 21

by Kevin O'Keeffe
Join us for Father's Day on June 21

Please JOIN US for a special day on June 21st for the Celebration of Father’s Day. You will be greeted with a warm welcome and a special Message for the Father’s present in the church. The Role of the Father has been so demoted in modern culture. It is about time that we here from […]

Bible Study in the Book of Acts

by Kevin O'Keeffe

Just to encourage you that as a Christian we need church, but we also need Bible Study where we can learn from each other that study of God’s WORD. If we really believe that it is the preserved WORD of the living God, shouldn’t we take time to STUDY it. I will update this in […]

The Nation that REJECTS God

by Kevin O'Keeffe

Psalms 9:17, clearly states that the Nation that forgets God will be turned into Hell. The grieving thing about the result of the Referendum was that it was the conclusive proof that such is the case with Ireland. Even though there was a considerable No vote, the Yes, people far out surpassed the No. As […]

New Year 2015

by Kevin O'Keeffe

It is hard to believe that it is almost 2015 already. It has been a busy but blessed year for Bible Baptist Church of Carrigaline. We have seen people come, and also, some people go. The VISION for 2015 will be outreach; telling people about their need of salvation, and a loving Saviour that gave […]

His Mercy is new each day

by Kevin O'Keeffe

Lamentations 3:22, tell us that the Lord is very merciful to us and doesn’t give us what we do deserve, but rather. gives us what we don’t deserve His amazing grace. is always conditional on the fact that God’s Mercy is always greater than the sinful heart of man (Jeremiah 17:9) So If it wasn’t […]


by Kevin O'Keeffe

This is the beginning of my blog. It is so much easier to work in word press than the previous old system. I am so thankful to have this new blog which is so easy to operate. It is like my new toy just in time for Christmas. The website looks superb! It is exactly […]


by Kevin O'Keeffe

Monday 15.07.2013   This is the beginning of my Blog. The Bible study group has been going great. We had ten in attendance last week. We are studying through the book of John and we are right now finishing chapter five. It has been a wonderful study to date.   Also please PRAY for the Anniversary […]